OHS music departments bring school spirit to the OHS Homecoming football game


Sky Krenzelok

OHS concert choir singing The National Anthem before homecoming game.

Rebekah Ranslow, Writer

During the OHS Homecoming football game on Friday Sept. 30, the Owatonna High School showcased their student culture. The Concert Choir, Pep Band and Marching Band were all playing for the audience at the game. Many parents and fans of the Huskies have waited for this game to hear these ensembles perform.

Before the kickoff, the OHS Concert Choir sang the national anthem, directed by Ms. Paula Asmus. It is the first year the Concert Choir has sung the national anthem for a homecoming game in Owatonna. Many of the choir members were in their football, marching band, pep band or colorguard uniforms representing who the OHS Concert Choir is made of. Ms. Asmus said, “I thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase our students in the music program and also highlight the student athletes and musicians that participate in both programs as well.” Many students and fans are excited to start this tradition at our school and hopefully carry it over to the new school. 

In addition, the OHS Pep Band also played throughout the game, keeping the stands and the game alive. Pep Band director Mr. Peter Guenther said, “I think the goal of pep band is to give the audience what they want to hear. That’s our job, we try to keep spirits up.” The band performs a wide variety of genres, so that every generation was able to have fun and enjoy the game. The pep band plays music from The Jackson 5 of the 70s to The White Stripes from the early 2000s.

At halftime, the OHS Marching Band made an appearance with a show they performed in their summer season called Go West. The OHS colorguard also performed on the field. Despite being a years long tradition, the Marching Band halftime show was canceled last year. Fortunately, however, it returned this year. Junior Calista Seiler from the marching band said, “I am excited to show off what we can do. It is cool to see how people react to how much sound we can put out.” Traveling across the football field, they did a mashup of western music, showing off the work they have put in from their summer show. 

The Owatonna Homecoming football game was entertaining, with several of Owatonna High School’s own musical ensembles keeping the fans engaged. The Concert Choir, Pep Band, and Marching Band had outstanding performances and set the bar high, so that fans and families of Owatonna cannot wait to see what next year’s Homecoming has to offer musically.