Ms. Rosenau first year as attendance secretary


Blake Burmeister

Ms. Megan Rosenau is excited for her first year as attendance secretary.

Blake Burmeister, Writer

Ms. Megan Rosenau is the new attendance secretary at Owatonna High School. She does reception and attendance work in the office, making sure everybody is where they need to be and helping out others if they have any questions. This is her first year working as the attendance secretary, but she is learning fast and making a positive impact on everyone. 

Ms. Rosenau was interested in becoming an attendance secretary because of her love for students. She said, “I wanted to be around students and I love working with kids. Plus, I also love talking with people, so this is just a perfect job for me.” Once she found out about the opening of the attendance secretary job, she knew it would be a perfect fit and it was a no-brainer for her to apply for the job. 

I wanted to be around students and I love working with kids.

— Ms. Rosenau

Outside of being the attendance secretary Ms. Rosenau is kept busy in many different ways. She said, ”I have two children and two other jobs. I stay really busy. I am also involved in a lot of softball organizations, but my kids take a ton of my time.” Needless to say Ms. Rosenau stays plenty busy. Her hard work and dedication to everything in life helps to make positive impacts on many people throughout the community and school. 

Senior Mikah Elstad has already witnessed Ms.Rosenau’s impact when he asked her for help. Elstad said, “She was extremely nice and understanding. You can tell she is very passionate about her job.” Ms. Rosenau helps to make a positive impact on the people she helps and the people that surround her. 

Ms. Rosenau says her favorite parts about being the attendance secretary are the amount of times she laughs in a day, her wonderful coworkers and the students that she gets to help  everyday. So, if students ever have questions about their attendance, they can find Ms. Rosenau in the main attendance office at Owatonna High School.