Ms. Julia Focht is eager to help the students of OHS

Ms. Julia Focht ready to help any student in the health office.

Makenna Hovey

Ms. Julia Focht ready to help any student in the health office.

Makenna Hovey, Writer

Ms. Julia Focht is one of the new nurses at Owatonna High School. This is her first year working in Owatonna as of August of this year. She graduated from Northwestern State University in Louisiana, with a bachelors of Science and Nursing with a minor in music. Focht was a nurse in Kansas City after graduating.

 When the opportunity at OHS arose she was looking forward to working with the young adult population. She said, “I was really excited to be able to get this job.”

Ms. Focht is excited to build relationships with all of the students. Being new at the school here, she is not currently involved in any activities. She said, “There’s a lot of opportunities and I’ve got to kind of get out there.” Throughout highschool and college, she grew up playing her main instrument, violin. She has hopes of finding an orchestra to play in. Although Ms. Focht enjoys playing the violin, she finds joy in other activities. Since she lives in Waseca she enjoys walking around the lake. Alongside her love of walks and outdoor activities, she also thoroughly enjoys gaming. 

Ms. Focht hopes to have an impact on everyone she meets at the OHS. To show her care for the students, she has a piece of advice for all of them to hear. She said, “Somebody’s always there. Maybe because someone shut the door on you doesn’t mean someone else will.” Ms. Focht has already started to enjoy her time at OHS.

Two months in and Ms. Focht is already fond of her new job and the people surrounding her. She has already shed her light through the school and will continue to do so throughout the year. Students can find Ms. Focht in the nurse’s office ready and able to help.