Red Ribbon Week returns to OHS


Ruby Garza

SHOC members decorate OHS hallways and commons for Red Ribbon Week.

Amanda Clubb, Writer

For over 30 years, Red Ribbon Week has brought substance abuse awareness to the Owatonna community. The week of Oct. 24-28, OHS SHOC will host events for Owatonna students to celebrate living drug free.

Red Ribbon Week is a nationwide celebration of living drug-free. Its purpose is to showcase the benefits of a drug-free lifestyle and bring awareness to the negative effects of substance abuse on young people. Junior SHOC officer Ava Schauweker said, “The goal of Red Ribbon Week is to spread the positive message of living drug-free and to get people involved in the cause.” An estimated 80 million people celebrate Red Ribbon Week nationwide. 

The goal of Red Ribbon Week is to spread the positive message of living drug-free and to get people involved in the cause.

— Ava Schauweker

The 2022 Red Ribbon Week theme is “Celebrate life. Live drug free.” Throughout the week, OHS SHOC will be hosting events and activities to celebrate living drug free. Rather than point out the harm that substance abuse causes communities, Red Ribbon Week focuses on the benefits of being drug-free.


To start the week, the Red Ribbon Week kick off event was held on Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 5:00 p.m. in the OMS cafeteria. The kick off event brought together Owatonna students of all ages to learn about living a drug-free lifestyle. The event included games, free food, information about living a drug-free lifestyle and a proclamation from Mayor Tom Kuntz. 

OHS SHOC members will be working lunch tables throughout the week with a pledge banner to encourage students to pledge to live drug-free. Students who make the pledge will receive a red bracelet to represent their commitment to living drug-free. Many Owatonna businesses are offering discounts to students wearing one of these bracelets. SHOC adviser Mrs. Nancy Williams said, “We’re hoping that kids will go out into the community and show that they are making good choices and be supported by these businesses throughout the week.” Participating businesses include Central Park Coffee, Red and Green Burrito and Subway.

Red Ribbon Week events will continue to take place throughout the week.