The thrills of thrifting


Dezmond Nichols

Xander Rhodes dressed as Marty McFly on the thrifting dress up day.

Dez Nichols, Writer

Thrifting is a topic that seems to be constantly expanding at OHS. When someone chooses to thrift they are buying something that is secondhand, something like clothing or home goods. Having the opportunity to thrift is good because you can find unique pieces and reduce your carbon footprint. When someone thrifts it benefits the Earth and it helps save money.

There was a chance to talk about the topic of thrifting with the Green Team adviser, Ms. Sara Baranczyk. Ms. Baranczyk said, “I think there are a lot of benefits to thrifting. Number one, it’s easier to save money that way when you buy thrifted items, as well as a way to make money if you want to sell your items.” This is one of a few reasons Ms. Baranczyk gave for why thrifting is beneficial, and in this case it is beneficial to the person buying the clothes, the person selling the clothes and the Earth. 

Ms. Baranczyk thinks that everyone should thrift. She said, “I think if people are able to thrift they should, there’s really not a reason I see to not thrift things and you can find some really cool things in thrift stores.” This adds to the positives that thrifting brings to people, the more someone thrifts the more someone is able to get things that are enjoyable and unique.

Caleb Schlie, a member and a key part in Green Team, also thinks that thrifting is a good idea.  He thinks there are many benefits. Schlie said, “[Some benefits are] reusing and not making more.” Schlie does a good job explaining what the benefits of thrifting are, which is reducing and reusing what a person has or what you can have from someone else after they have used it. Follow the advice of the people that have thrifted and choose to help out the Earth.  

Some popular places for anyone to thrift are places like the Salvation Army, Plato’s Closet and even Goodwill. All of these places are second hand stores where you can purchase clothes that belonged to someone else and even donate old clothes for others to enjoy.