Life of a PSEO student



Junior Ferrari Mason working on homework in B plaza for Lit 100

Lily Moriarity, Writer

Every year about 1600 people in Minnesota apply to be a part of PSEO or Post-Secondary Enrollment Options at University Of Minnesota. The average GPA of those who apply is 3.94 unweighted. But only about 45% of those students end up being accepted. Grades earned in PSEO will remain on your U of M college transcript and can impact freshman admission to college. One 4-credit course is generally equivalent to one year at the high school.

PSEO, otherwise known as Post-Secondary Enrollment Options, is a great opportunity for those who plan on going to college to save money. It helps get some of a student’s prerequisites completed. In Minnesota, the requirements for PSEO is to be a sophomore, junior, or senior. Students also need a GPA of over 2.8 to apply. Many students at OHS have taken this opportunity to save money and get an associates degree before graduating. 

Senior Kassidy Hart is a student at OHS and is a part time PSEO student.  Hart just started PSEO this year and is starting with one class but is planning to take more next semester.The PSEO class she currently takes is Ethics. Hart starts her school day with College Psychology, then goes to her PSEO class, for third hour she has human development and then ends her day with  AP English. Hart said, “I’m taking PSEO to get ahead in my prerequisites for college.” She plans on going to college for radiology tech and is excited to get part of her education done and save some money while in high school.

It allows for me to gain college credits early on and take generals before college

— Ryan Peterson

Senior Ryan Peterson is a full time PSEO student at OHS. With his schedule there are no set class period times, but he gets assignments and is expected to complete them by Wednesday or Friday. Currently he is taking English, history, environmental science and math. Ryan wants to be a chiropractor or pilot in the future. He said, “It allows for me to gain college credits early on and take generals before college.” Peterson started PSEO last year but was part time. He expects to have his associates degree by graduation.

Online for the 2023-24 applications begin Feb. 1, 2023.Students must attend attend a mandatory online orientation.The PSEO office has also partnered with the Department of American Indian Studies this year to offer a tuition-free opportunity for high school students interested in learning about the history, issues and languages of Indigenous communities.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Students must have at least a 2.0 high school GPA at the time of application.Student who apply for this will be limited to the American Indian Studies courses. Courses will be offered on campus or online. If students choose to be full time they can do three to four classes a semester, while part time students do one to two. Virtual information dates will be posted in January of 2023.

PSEO is a great chance for students to save money and get ahead in their education. If a student is interested in learning more about joining or the requirements needed, they should reach out to their counselor before February.