Best ways to spend fall


Raeghen Murry

Driving through the fall leaves is one of student’s favorites to spend fall.

Raeghen Murry, Writer

With the upbringing of colder weather it becomes hard to transition from summer activities to fall. But just because the same activities available in the summer are less attainable now does not mean that there are less things to do. In fact, the fall brings a multitude of new opportunities to enjoy the colder weather. 

There are many popular things to do in the fall such as visiting a pumpkin patch or apple orchard, carving pumpkins, going to a haunted house, having a bonfire, raking leaves then playing in them and going on a walk. Sophomore Sarah Kess said, “During the fall I really like going on walks in all the pretty leaves and I like to make leaf piles in my backyard and have my dog run through them.” Having fun in the fall is not always about going out, enjoying the scenery is just as good.

It is not  unusual for the weather to not cooperate. In times where it is not , some fun activities to do inside would be watching scary movies, drinking hot cocoa and baking some treats. There is nothing better than spending a rainy fall day inside doing fun things with friends and family. 

Another thing people look forward to doing in the fall is baking and cooking traditionally fall related food. Due to the colder weather many people find comfort in cozying up with a slice of pie they had made themselves. Special education teacher Ms. Elizabeth Fink said,

“My favorite fall food I would have to say is apple crisp because it’s sweet, and when it comes out of the oven it’s so warm and it tastes good. I also love when you can go to the apple orchard and get the apples.”

— Ms. Elizabeth Fink

Due to the harvesting of apples and the overall popularity of apple orchards in the fall, it is very common to see apples in many fall desserts. 

With winter coming up fast, bringing much colder days, OHS students should take the time to enjoy the slightly chill weather while they still can.  Weather for the week is looking good.