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On the hunt

April 3, 2014

An unprecedented event unfolded on April Fool’s Day.  After a routine lockdown, four K-9 units from the Owatonna Police Department and the Steele County Department of Corrections searched through several classrooms. A combined effort coordinated by Liaison Officer Terrence Flynn, in which the gears had been turning for nearly a month prior. Only a handful of the administration knew that the searches would be happening. Why do these random searches happen? Is it the school’s way of showing that they do not trust the students? That is more likely to be false rather than true. “It is really preventative,” said Assistant Principal Nicole Adams, who went on to say that students are reminded that school is a place for learning, not a place to bring illegal substances. Ms. Adams did not comment on if any substances were found, due to state law about student confidentiality. It is about keeping the students safe, and that is the administrations’ main goal.

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