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Crisis Resource Center provides services to Steele County

Not many people know that April is the designated Child Abuse Prevention Month. It is also National Sexual Assault Awareness month. The Crisis Resource Center of Steele County dedicates their time to helping victims of both of these things, along with domestic violence.

The Crisis Resource Center is a place where victims of various abuse crimes can go and receive help. The center helps them get back to a safe and normal life again. The CRC offers many different services. One of the many services is an abuse victim’s hotline where the victims can find a safe place to help them manage the crisis. They also allow abused children’s program where they give advocacy for abused children. Their goal is to help the children manage the situation that is at hand. The domestic violence program provides advocacy for men and women harmed by emotional, physical or verbal abuse, as well. Information and referral regards issues of domestic abuse, sexual assault and violence. The sexual assault program provides free and confidential support and services to victims and survivors of sexual assault and abuse. The emergency shelter is a short term place for people in crisis to stay.

Before the CRC steps in to help victims, law enforcement professionals play a big role in what happens too. The police have to go into the scene and make the arrest. They clean up the situation before the CRC comes and helps the victims. By policy, the police are required to contact the CRC when physical domestic abuse has happened. After the police analyze the situation they will send a case manager to help the vicitim.

Men, women and other adults are not the only victims. Teenagers can also be victims of abuse. Domestic violence is a serious issue, even though teens are normally not the ones being abused they are still bystanders and counciling services still might be needed, and will be offered to them. School Liaison Officer Terrance Flynn said, “The teenagers involved are usually involved as a witness, but also as a victim by default.”

If you know anybody that is affected by any of these issues, you can contact the Crisis Resource Center at 507-451-1202 or go to their office in Owatonna, which is located at 125 W Front Street.