Netflix Original Young Royals amps up drama in new season


Studio: Nexiko AB

Official Poster of the highly expected Young Royals season 2 was released on Netflix Nov. 1, 2022

Ava Kleeberger, Writer

Season two of the Swedish Netflix Original series “Young Royals” was released Nov. 1, 2022. Season one followed Prince Wilhelm, played by Edvin Ryding, heir to Sweden’s royal throne, after he is sent to a prestigious boarding school to salvage his tainted reputation. When he arrived, he met Simon, played by Omar Rudberg, an outsider at Hillerska. Romance sparked between them as they struggled to navigate the expectations of the royal family. The first season ended with Wilhelm and Simon’s relationship being exposed, causing a rift between the two. Season two picks back up a few weeks later, as a grieving Wilhelm attempts to repair his relationship with Simon without angering the royal family. In an emotional six episodes that explores grief, anxiety and rising expectations, this season is filled with even more drama than the last. 

The show has been met with praise from LGBTQ+ teens for the representation shown in the relationship between the two main characters. The series follows the lives of students attending the esteemed fictional boarding school, Hillerska. The show is rampant with twists and turns as the characters try to navigate life with the expectations of Sweden’s royal family weighing on them. 

The reviews for the second season continue to rave about the series’ accurate and emotional portrayal of being a teenager. Although the show is drama-ridden– as any teen show might be, it digs deeper with discussions about financial and social status, peer pressure and identity. An article from Attitude said, “There’s a compelling quality to Lisa Ambjörn’s show, the melding of actor authenticity alongside a confident penning of teens makes Young Royals an irresistibly addictive drama in a busy genre.” The intense storyline and representation continues to draw in viewers of all kinds, allowing people to connect with the dynamic characters. 

Students at OHS have also been tuning into “Young Royals”. Senior Tatum Rau said, “It’s a dramatic season, and very revenge oriented.” The plots of this new season have been amped up, and the stakes are now even higher than the last with Wilhelm being the new Crowned Prince. Junior Amelia Cook said, “I want to see Wilhelm and Simon back together, they’re adorable.” The show’s main relationship is praised for the actors’ chemistry and the realistic writing that brings these characters to life. 

Receiving a 98% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, “Young Royals” is sure to be another success for Netflix. With its enthralling storyline, cinematography and drama that takes a new turn with every episode, the series finds a place in everyone’s hearts. “Young Royals”, directed by Lisa Ambjörn, is now streaming on Netflix.