OHS Bands’ first school concert of the year


Jacob Ginskey

OHS conductor Peter Guenther raises his baton to cue in the varsity band.

Jacob Ginskey, Writer

The OHS Band is known for being a very talented program and the music they are able to perform together has been recognized at a high level. Looking at the practice they put in and the commitment they have for the band, it is not very surprising. The different bands have an upcoming concert and a variety of pieces will be played between the three different bands – Huskies, Varsity and Concert. Students in each one of the bands are excited to share the music they’ve prepared.


Senior saxophonist, David Smith, has been in the Concert band ever since his sophomore year and enjoys every bit of it. Smith says, “Being able to express myself in ways I can’t explain elsewhere makes me passionate about music.” Smith has a solo in Concert Band’s piece Festive Overture and is excited about his work. He says, “It’s a cool portion of music and isn’t a stressful solo.” Smith had many solos in different pieces they performed last year and they aren’t anything new to him.

Mr. Peter Guenther, the conductor of the OHS band, is also keenly awaiting their concert. Mr. Guenther says, “Each ensemble has different goals, and it’s fun to watch their growth. It’s fun to compare your end result to where you began to see the improvement.” With their upcoming concert, each band will be able to see their improvement and share it with their audience. The audience is a huge part of the band’s performance and Guenther always tries to inspire them. Guenther says, “I really take a lot of pride in programming a concert that takes the audience on a ride, and it’s the number one goal I’d take into consideration.” Guenther is excited and ready to put on a great performance.

The Concert Band opened for NDSU Thursday, Nov. 3, at St. John’s church, and will perform their first school concert of the year Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 7 p.m., in the OHS auditorium, along with the other bands.