“TC” Carlyle makes big impact on Owatonna sports


Photo Submitted by Jaedynn Tjon

Mr. Carlyle poses with three of his 2022-23 student trainers.

Trever Schirmer, Writer

Terry Carlyle, also known as “TC”, is the athletic trainer for the Owatonna Huskies, Medford Tigers and the Blooming Prairie Blossoms. His job is very important to keep athletes healthy and prepared for games. Mr. Carlyle is crucial to the Huskies’ athletic success. 

In 2017, Mr. Carlyle won the Fred Zamberletti Award. It was groundbreaking for him to win this due to the fact that this award can be won by any athletic trainer in the state of Minnesota. Mr. Carlyle said, “I was pretty humbled by it. I was shocked that I got it out of all the athletic trainers in the state of Minnesota because this award can go to anybody in the pros and anyone at the college level.” Mr. Carlyle was shocked to receive this award but rightfully deserves it. Mr. Carlyle will continue to help athletes proving he deserves this award.

Mr. Carlyle’s legacy does not stop there. In 1991, he started a student athletic training program for students who are curious about the human body and want to learn more about athletic training. This program he put together has helped over 100 students find their true passion in their careers and truly helped them throughout college and their careers. Junior Jaedynn Tjon is one of the student trainers and has been for three years. Tjon said, “I loved having the opportunity to foresee what the life of an athletic trainer is and how much work it is. TC has helped me learn so much about the human body and helped me deeply in finding my future career choice.” Tjon is one of many students who Mr. Carlyle has made an impact on and will continue to as he cements his legacy in Owatonna.