Girls United announces annual winter craft fundraiser


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The Owatonna high school Girls United craft fundraiser for Rachel’s Light.

Lauren Waypa, Writer

The Girls United club is having their annual fundraiser for Rachel’s Light throughout the month of December. 

Girls United is a club that was brought to Owatonna High School two years ago by two students, Logan Norrid and Lileigh Nguyen. The club is advised by Ms. Tara Lammers. They wanted to start the club at the OHS because there was a need for a space for people to discuss topics like women’s tax and different things. There had not been anything like it at the school before. 

Girls United wanted to empower everyone starting from young ages. Ms. Lammers said, “Our goal is to eventually move to the middle school and have a Girls United there too, and then work with the elementary schools and just start empowering them from that age on.” Having kids start things at a younger age can help them progress in it when they grow up and that is what Girls United is trying to do in the community. 

This year the Girls United club is raising money for Rachel’s Light, which is an organization that is a halfway home, or shelter, for women and children. Along with giving to them, this is the first year that they are keeping some profit for their own club. They are doing this to be able to keep the club moving forward and growing. Nguyen said, “We decided to do craft kits during the winter holidays because people would be interested in them for gifts and it is an obtainable fundraiser for our size of group.” There are many fundraisers available but finding one that can be beneficial to people in the community during the right time can change the outcome of sales. 

Last year the club raised around $700 and their goal this year is to raise $1000. They have made 200 kits and they are selling for $5 each. The craft kit this year will make a penguin. The kit includes one sock, rice, string, plaid fabric, two safety pins, white felt, orange felt, instructions, googly eyes and ribbon.

The kits are available throughout December, talk to someone in Girls United to get this great winter craft. Also, visit their link on their Instagram or visit them during your lunch the week before break to get more information.