Magnet’s gift guide for gift giving


Raeghen Murry

Magnet”s top gift for the holidays season for OHS students

Raeghen Murry, Writer

Holiday shopping is a stressful time for all, but this gift guide might just lighten the load. With the right help or planning ahead of time holiday shopping can be enjoyable. “Here is a list of Magnet’s Favorites Gifts” Secret santa gift ideas under $10” Candy, Legos, Candle and fluffy socks.” Gifts idea for under $25” Blanket, Journal with Pens, Sweatshirts. ”Gift idea for a friend under $50” Basket full of items they like (fav candy’s, fav drinks etc.) Gift cards, water bottles. 

A gift that is growing in popularity this Christmas is comfy cloud slides. They feel like clouds on your feet when you walk. They also come in many colors. The slides are lightweight and can be worn throughout the day accommodating to the winter weather and styles that come with it.  on amazon for $24

Amazon Cloud Slippers

Another popular gift this holiday season is a mini pocket projector that is easily connected to all mobile devices. This pocket projector also includes a speaker and rechargeable battery.  This mini pocket projector allows you to play moving or games and project it anywhere and it fits perfectly in your pocket. These gifts can be bought through At Amazon For $220 or Wal-Mart, At Best Buy for $228.

Amazon mini projector

The new hair dryer brush is making its way under Christmas trees this holiday season. It is ranked as a top gift for girls and has many valuable features such as styling and drying hair. The hair dryer is very easy to use. Reviews onlinesaid, “I love that it works quickly and is easy to use. I have a deep fear of my hair getting stuck in the brush and being sucked into a massive knot.”on Amazon for $24, at Walmart for $41 or Amazon or Best  Buy For $65. 

Amazon hair brush

Next on the wishlist is a rechargeable hand warmer for the hunters of this generation which helps hands stay warm all winter long. This hand warmer takes just two minutes to become fully heated and keeps warm for three to four hours making hunting a breeze. These are also found at

Amazon heat hand warmers

Makeup is a wonderful gift and you cannot go wrong with it, but when it comes to getting the right type of makeup that can be hard. Sophomore Jenny Jones said, “I would say from the perspective of a girl.  I would want makeup because you can never go wrong with it because we all like to explore with makeup.”

Amazon make up

For the forgetful friends in your life there is the Tile Slim tracker. With this Tile Slim people will never struggle to locate a gym bag, backpack, or wallet. With a 3-year built-in battery, this tracker works with a 250-foot range. This is a perfect gift for a friend who may miss their place there and be able to find them quickly on Amazon for $34.

Amazon Tile Slim tracker

Another gift is a JBL Bluetooth speaker. Being able to play music through a powerful but lightweight and compact Bluetooth speaker is a fun thing to do. The Flip4 is one of the most popular devices made by JBL. It is waterproof and this speaker features up to 12 hours of continuous, high-quality audio playtime. Find the Flip4 at Grown And Flown. On amazon for $69.

Amazon JBL speaker

Something a pet would enjoy is a Hound Brick Puzzle Game Dog Toy by Nina Ottosson. Interactive dog toys are great enrichment tools for dogs of nearly any age and breed. This puzzle toy for any dog is a gift to get them especially if there is a need to distract a dog from something. They also get exercise out of it and get treats. On Chewy for $11.  Sophomore Sarah Kess said, ”For my dog personally I would give them a bunch of squeaky toys, maybe like a really big teddy bear one or something because he loves big toys.”

Amazon dog puzzle

It is the most wonderful time of the year with the gifts, snow, and cold weather and OHS students are ready for Christmas break. Spending time with people or friends you love around the Christmas tree while opening these gifts is sure to be a great time.