Christmas fundraiser raises funds for families in need


Rebekah Ranslow

OHS staff raises money through a breakfast fund making egg burritos.

Rebekah Ranslow, Writer

As the Christmas season comes, many people start to think about gifts. Throughout OHS many students and families do not have the funds to be able to provide gifts or food during the holidays. For many kids this has been a problem and staff have looked for a way to help. Over the last 10 years, staff have found a way they can help out students in need and provide for their students outside of the classroom. The staff will raise money for gift cards, gifts and clothes during the Christmas season for these students. 

Many of the students that are helped can be classified as homeless. Social Worker Ms. Nancy Williams said, “The criteria for homelessness for students means anything about if a kid or family is doubled up with another family living with another family because they can’t afford their own place.” Some students still live with their families but many students are living alone struggling to stay warm through the winter. 

It’s not pretty, but I feel that the light needs to be shed on the issue to let outsiders know what we are dealing with here to try to take care of the students.”

— Educational Assistant, Mr. Brandon Noble

Just recently the news of high schoolers in Owatonna being homeless or with no gifts to receive came to light. A post was shared on social media and the story spread quickly. 

Ms. Williams and Ms. Casie DeVos, social workers at OHS, were some of the first people to start raising money. They sent emails out to staff and sometimes hold staff events to raise money towards the cause. Although there is not a public fundraiser many parents and community members will send money to Ms. Williams or Ms. DeVos. 

All the gifts are sent out anonymously to these kids and people from across the town are eager to help and let kids know they are cared for. If anyone is interested in helping out or donating money via venmo they can email Ms. Williams at [email protected]. One can also drop money off at OHS or mail it to the school addressed to Nancy Williams by December 15.