Bowlers roll to state


Photo Submitted

The co-ed bowling team joins together one last time to take a picture.

Reese Glynn, Writer

Before ending the season this past Sunday, the Southern Minnesota co-ed Bowling Team went to South St. Paul for state. The state tournament consisted of twenty four teams. Out of the twenty-four teams, the bowling team placed twenty-first. The bowlers worked very hard each day and were able to accomplish their season goal of making the state tournament.

Throughout the season, the co-ed bowling team exceeded coaches expectations. Varsity ended the season with a trip to state. Two of the bowlers took second at the all-conference state tournament. The JV teams ended their season at state as well, finishing sixteenth. Caden Working, Max Duran, James Danielson, Lillian Blaha, Ryan Hole and Trinity Price all made the Rising Stars tournament which is composed of teams made up of the top seventh and eighth graders from each conference. The southern Minnesota team sent five players to that tournament and three of them walked away with the championship. Ms. Brianna Oftedahl, head coach of the team, said, “This season brought a lot of changes to our co-ed group. We lost a couple, but gained a lot of new bowlers with all different levels of experience.”

Overall, this team has grown a lot over this season. Senior varsity bowler Nic Hill said, “In my eyes, I feel like overall we met expectations but failed in the biggest moment.” The team may not have made it to the next level of competition at state, but that doesn’t change what they were able to achieve this season. Oftedal said, “This season showed the determination of the players and that hard work helps accomplish goals.” Each bowler also had their own individual goals which revolved around their physical game or individual league scores. Many of them found themselves accomplishing those goals too. This season taught the team that they can achieve whatever they set their minds to. 

There were also a lot of changes in team morale this season. This is something that a lot of teams deal with. Oftedahl said, “Our players get along very well and were always supportive of each other. We saw a lot of growth in our returning players.” This bowling team gets along very well with one another. They all are very supportive of one another which helps the team grow.

Hill said, “With me being a senior, I feel like a big brother in a sense. I respect the kids on the team and the coaches. I just feel like we are all one big family.” To wrap up this season, the team has grown so close to each other. They all respect and support one another.