Netflix’s new Wednesday Addams series is a huge hit



Netflix’s new hit series Wednesday was released on November 23.

Callie Kreutter, Writer

Netflix recently released a spinoff of a classic, loved, and well known movie, the Addams Family. The Addams are a family who find delight in the horrific life they belong to and seem to find themselves normal even though to the rest of the world they are beyond strange. The spinoff series is called “Wednesday”. It is named after the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams, and focuses more on her character development. Netflix released a statement on how just within days of the show’s release, it hit the top of the list as the most streamed show in a day. The series consists of one season and eight episodes so far.

One of the directors and executive producers on this project was Tim Burton. Well known for his previous work, he was an ideal choice for this series. Senior Aspen Ascheman said, “If anyone else did direct the series, I don’t think they could have gotten the kind of dark gloomy effects that Tim Burton does, along with the mystery and murder.” Along with Tim Burton being behind the scenes, the original Wednesday Addams, Christina Ricci, starred as Ms. Thornhill in the new show. Ricci first starred as Wednesday in the 1990s Addams Family films “The Addams Family and “The Addams Family Values. Senior Autumn Bender said, “It was so nice that they included an original and I loved getting to see her experience it again.” Between the plot of the movie, an original Addams Family cast member being recast and Tim Burton directing and producing, the show has been an extreme success for a record for single week watch. 

The plot of this series is what kept its viewers attentively watching. Ascheman said, “It had so many plot twists in it. Some things were predictable, but some things were not at all.” Overall, this show kept it’s viewers on the edge of their seats with the murders and mystery of Nevermore Academy. Since this show focuses more on Wednesday there were some key character development moments. Ascheman said, “The relationships that Wednesday has with other people were amazing because it really captures how emotionless she generally is or how self centered she starts out to be. One of my favorite scenes is in the very first episode with the Puranas because she’s defending her brother, her actions are more dark and aggressive but she does it for moral reasons.” Psychologically, Wednesday could be seen as a sociopath, but throughout the first season we get to see more sides of Wednesday’s personality. 

Jenna Ortega was cast as Wednesday Addams. Bender said, “Jenna did absolutely amazing. I don’t think they could’ve found anyone better.” Jenna Oretga is a well-known actress who has had many career boosting roles including one on Disney Channel. Ascheman said, “She really encompasses the role of Wednesday Addams. She did it flawlessly. I remember on Tik Tok watching an interview that she did saying how she cannot really blink during the movie set and how she relaxes her face and tilts her head. Just the things she had to do to play Wednesday was amazing. I remember her also saying that they had to redo takes over and over because like there was a bunch of wind and like she couldn’t blink.” Ortega had to learn many tricks to play Wednesday as there’s certain things she does that creates her personality. Between the casting and plot twists, Wednesday appears to be a show well worth watching and is already renewed for a second season.