Best Christmas lights in Owatonna


Joanna Haggerty

Owatonna’s Reese family shows their holiday spirit through house lights.

Joanna Haggerty, Writer

As the Christmas season continues these next couple weeks, many holiday preparations have started. Whether that is putting up Christmas trees, making Christmas cookies or arranging Christmas lights. Lights in Owatonna can bring happiness to some, while for others it is a seasonal devotion. Many neighborhoods are festively decorated with lights this Christmas. 

The annual Lighting of Lights took place on Thursday, Dec. 1. This kicked off Owatonna’s Christmas season. The annual Lighting of Lights brought hundreds of people together to all enjoy the beauty of the lights. This made the first of December a memorable start to a month of continuous celebrations with family and friends. Ms. Micah Trautman said, “I think it really brings the Christmas Spirit that everyone’s feeling together.” One can find Owatonna’s festive lights in Central Park on West Bridge Street. 

Outside of the downtown area, Havana Hills hosts its local Havana Lights Drive through. From Nov. 24 to the end of New Years Eve of 2023, family and friends can come and drive through to see all the Christmas lights. The entire event is free to the public with no charge. All donations are welcomed to go toward their cause to help animals in need. With over 40 snowman figures with two light displays that are connected to music. Havana Lights is located on Havana Road in Owatonna, MN. 

Down 16th Street the Fink family hosted their annual personalized Holiday Drive through. The Finks started lighting their house for the public back in 2020. Because of Covid – 19 restrictions, the family decided to share their love for Christmas with others. The Holiday Drive thru was Dec. 5 from 6 – 7p.m. where many came to visit. The drive thru accepted all donations towards their fundraisers, receiving around 2,400 dollars for Real Life and Husky Angel Fund. Make sure to visit 16th Street SE for future Christmas.

Neighborhoods have also enhanced their lights over the years. Streets are now filled with rows upon rows of Christmas lights creating an entire area filled with lights. This allows families to go on drives to see other’s Christmas lights this season. 

It’s really special to our family because we get to enjoy it when we drive by and other people get to enjoy it.

— Maddy Reese

OHS sophomore Maddy Reese, is a Christmas decorator with her family. Decorating for Christmas has been an annual tradition she and her family have gradually grown to do involving more lights. The Reese family enjoys covering their house with decorative lights, blow up characters and many colors. Reese said, “It’s really special to our family because we get to enjoy it when we drive by and other people get to enjoy it.” The Reese family will continue sharing Christmas cheer to their neighbors with their decorations for many years to come. 

On Greenhaven Avenue NE, one can find cheerfully lighted houses. The Reese household being one of them. Over time, more houses within that neighborhood added more Christmas lights. Reese later talked about how over the years her neighborhood had evolved in their holiday decorations. She said, “Honestly, our neighborhood did not really have a ton of lights when we first moved in. So, it’s really cool to see how that’s grown as well.” Greenhaven along with other streets such as 20th Street NE and Deer Trail Lane NE, have progressively added more Christmas joy through lights. 

Everyone should  go and visit some Christmas lights this season or put up their own. Christmas is a time to share the love of the holidays with loved ones. Giving each family an opportunity to celebrate the holidays with beautiful lights is one of the best parts of the holiday season.