Keys to success; robotics pre-season


Sky Krenzelok

The OHS Robotics team gearing up to reboot the Raiders.

Jackson DeGrood, Writer

Robotics is a very competitive extracurricular with many competitions and events. However, robotics is not your average OHS club. Robotics is a  club that focuses on using the student’s minds to create innovative ideas to meet the criteria of different challenges every year. 

High schoolers compete and work together in a way that I don’t see many adults do.”

— Mr. Robbins

Robotics is a while away from the start of their official competitions, but that does not stop them from starting to prepare for their season. Senior safety captain David Smith said, “Teaching the younger programmers how to program and people on the build team how to work with the tools are ways we can start preparing for the season early.” The team has lots of work to do before this year’s challenge is released. Smith said, “Right now we are just reorganizing the room since we don’t know that challenge yet. Then we start meeting before the actual challenge comes out.” 

On Jan. 17, 2023, is when the robotics team figures out their set of challenges for this year. After it is announced what the challenge will be, the team will have less than two months to build their bot, test their bot, and compete. Robotics adviser Mr. Shaun Robbins likes to raise the bar for his team. Mr. Robbins said, “Last year we got fourth place in Minneapolis, we’d like to get at least fourth this year as well.” The OHS Robotics team will have their first competition in spring of 2023.