The fascination behind the Idaho murders

How social media brings people to crime


Reese Glynn

Students at OHS are fascinated with uncovering the Idaho case using social media.

Reese Glynn, Writer

On Nov. 13, a group of college students attending University of Idaho were murdered in their home. The media has been deeply interested in this case, Now, Bryan Kohberger has been taken into custody and charged for these alleged murders. This quadruple homicide has shaken up the nation, leaving a sense of fascination and mystery regarding the murders all throughout. 

While in their college home, Ethan Chapin, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernoodle and Kaylee Goncalves’ lives were all taken on the early morning of Nov. 13. This case instantly struck the media, however information given by the police provided few details other than that the killer was grotesque and quick with the murders.

This case is different because of all the mysteries that come along with it. Including the two surviving roommates.

— Ava Otto

 Followers of the case were confused on how someone could murder four people and not leave any substantial evidence. This murder case was set up to be different from any other. 

While several people are fascinated by this case, some OHS students also share this fascination.

 Junior Ava Otto said, “This case is different because of all the mysteries that come along with it. Including the two surviving roommates.” 

The surviving roommates add more mystery to this case. This speculation and conspiracies will remain until the closure of the case. 

Because roommates were home and left alive, the case is confusing.The early morning when the murders occurred it was not only Chapin, Mogen, Kernoodle and Goncalves in the home. On the first floor of the house, Bethany Funke and Dylan Mortensen were at the home as well but were left unharmed. This crucial detail of the case left many confused, leading to social media to speculate. Witness Dylan Mortensen claimed to give a description of the killer. According to her, the killer left the scene out of the back sliding door.

Internet PI’s who give out misinformation surrounding individuals in the Idaho murders. 

Due to the PI’s trying to get details about this case and most of the accusations being inaccurate ultimately led to confusion. Conspiracies due to this intransparency of details and information provided, led followers of the case to come up with some conspiracies. Some conspiracies include University of Idaho student Jack Schowalter being a suspect of the Idaho murders. Schowalter can be seen a few hours earlier with Mogen and Goncalves near campus on surrounding  survalence cameras.This video left a lot of the media thinking Schowalter was the murderer by him being one of the last people Mogen and Goncalves would see that night. Another conspiracy was the roommates being the killers. Many were wondering how they had survived that night. Many of the public’s thoughts went to Funke and Mortenson to be the killers, knowing they were left unharmed and alive the early morning of Nov. 13.

I have seen this case all over TikTok, that is how I found out about it.

— Anna Koslosky

On Dec. 30, police arrested Kohberger who has since been charged with the murders. The 28 year old was arrested on a fugitive from justice warrant in Pennsylvania Kohberger was extradited to Idaho where he was formally charged Thursday, Jan. 5, if Kohberger was found guilty he would be convicted of the death penalty.

News of this case spread quickly, with social media playing a big part of informing people. Junior Anna Koslosky said,  “I have seen this case all over TikTok, that is how I found out about it.” While multiple followers had their speculations surrounding this case, when it was announced that Kohberger was accused of committing this heinous crime people everywhere were left in shock. 

Kohberger has a Ph.D. in criminology, Law enforcement and followers of this case believe Kohberger might have used his criminal justice experience to plan and try to get away with his murders. While Kohlberger prepares to appear at court for the second time, more evidence is starting to point to Kohberger as more is learned about this case everyday. As of now Kohberger is charged with four counts of first degree murder, along with one count of felony burglary.

Gen Z has the ability to spread anything around social media quickly. While multiple social media spread the Idaho murder case TikTok in particular has played a big factor in how this case blew up. Many were confused and had questions, so it was brought onto TikTok where everyone can learn more about this case and post their speculations. Social media picks and chooses what it wants to make popular, leading to this murder case to end up with a copious amount of attention and followers of the case to be fascinated and speculate about what truly happened. Full closure will not  be reached by the media until all information is disclosed and a final verdict is reached.