OHS Adaptive Floor Hockey sticking it together through the season


Paiton Glynn

Owatonna Adaptive Floor Hockey is in the midst of an energetic season.

Paiton Glynn

When people think of hockey, they typically think of icy, cold arenas. However, players and coaches from the OHS Adaptive Floor Hockey team would think of a loud, cheerful and energetic gym. The electric and positive energy of a gym during hockey games is unique and unmatched.

Spectators can find teams not only cheering for their teammates, but also their competitors. Positivity and sportsmanship is a very important aspect to the sport. 

Head Coach John Scheil said, “It’s a great way to watch a great team sport and witness how team sports are supposed to be played.” 

Players are taught the importance of sportsmanship and having respect for their teammates, opponents, officials, fans and the sport of hockey itself. 

Coaches John Scheil and Christopher Wolfe have been coaching the adaptive floor hockey team together for nine years. Together, they have had four state appearances.

 Wolfe said,“We have had a lot of success over the last nine years.” However, with lots of success comes some difficulties. With every new season comes a group of new athletes.

 Scheil said, “You need to find different ways to coach each player in order to help them find success.” Scheil and Wolfe take the time at the beginning of every season to get to know each of their athletes and their abilities so that they can put together the most successful line ups and plays. 

When it comes to the players, success is not everything when it comes to floor hockey. They value participation, making friends and having fun. 

Junior goalie Alexis Talley said, “ To be honest, I don’t just play to win, I play to spend time with my teammates and participate to have fun.” 

The floor hockey athletes can look past the wins and losses and still appreciate the sport for what it truly is, an opportunity to work together as a team to represent Owatonna. 

Senior Emilee Muffett said, “My favorite part about floor hockey is coming together as a team to win.” This team proves that the power of teamwork trumps any amount of talent. 

As for the rest of the season, both the coaches and players have high hopes for the team. Scheil said, “We’re a young team this year so I think my goal here is to really build that team camaraderie and teach our younger players the system so that we can be successful.”

 As the big OHS game approaches on Monday, Scheil and Wolfe are not the only ones with big goals. Muffett said, “My personal goal is to get stronger so that I can be tougher than the other players.” Not only do the players have personal goals, but also team goals. Talley said, “I want to come together as a huge family and work together to beat the other teams.” 

The Owatonna Huskies adaptive floor hockey family hopes students will come out and support them at their big OHS game. Coach Scheil said, “Our games are very high energy and a lot of fun.” Fans attending should expect a unique experience that will leave them with a new appreciation for the sport of adaptive floor hockey.”

The OHS Adaptive Floor Hockey will play against the Stillwater Ponies on Monday, Jan. 30 at 4:30 p.m. at the Owatonna Middle School. As for the OHS Pack the Gym game, dates and details are still being finalized.