OHS Mock trial season is continuing strong


Laura Epland

Mock trial team finishes second round at the Olmsted courthouse.

Rebekah Ranslow, Writer

OHS Mock Trial has started its season with three wins. This year for the mock trial season, there are two teams, Owatonna White and Owatonna Blue, each with 12 students. One side of each of these teams is the plaintiff, where in this case they defend Jamie, a college student, who testifies against their doctor, Dr. Ardi Ramidus, stating the surgery is the reason for their retear. While on the other side for both teams, the defense stands by Dr. Ramidus, who claims to have done the surgery perfectly and it is Jamie’s fault she had a retear. Both sides fight to defend and prove who is truly right throughout the trial. 

Mock Trial is an amazing activity for students that like to defend what they believe and dive deep. “My students really, really enjoy problem solving creatively, and to have a big case, to have a big problem and to work together to piece it together. I think it inspires a lot of creative thought and critical thinking,” said Mock Trial Coach Laura Epland. As well as being able to problem solve and improve public speaking, many students in mock trials want to pursue a career as a lawyer. Senior captain Riddhi Bhakta said, “It has taught me public speaking, thinking on my feet and preparing me to go to pre-law.” For these students this gives them in person knowledge on what a lawyer does and will pursue before going to law school. 

This year’s first two mock trial rounds were allowed to happen in the courthouse. Due to COVID-19 in the previous years, most of the trials were held on Zoom meetings. So for many students, this was the first time they got to perform in person at a courthouse. Senior captain Riddhi Bhakta said, “Last year was all virtual and this year I actually got to do a meet in person, in an actual courthouse.”

The first mock trial round was on Friday, Jan. 13 against Mankato at the Owatonna Courthouse. Throughout the trial, there were many objections and testimonies leading the Owatonna Blue defense and Owatonna White plaintiff to an outstanding win. Two weeks later, the second round occurred on Friday, Jan. 27, in the Olmsted Courthouse in Rochester. At this trial, the Owatonna White defense won as the Owatonna Blue plaintiff lost. 

There will be two more trials this season before sections, both of these trials will be held over zoom. The next trial is recorded on Thursday, Feb. 2 over zoom.