A waltz with Walz


Tim Walz spoke to Mrs. Sager’s Poli- Sci class

Mrs. Sager’s AP Political Science class eagerly prepared themselves for a guest speaker last friday. Minnesota District One Representative Tim Waltz agreed to talk with the class about his profession and the political system as a whole. As a former educator, Waltz thinks that it is very important to participate in classroom visits. “I feel very strongly about belief in the system,” Waltz said, “It’s not about the background, it’s not about political ideology, it’s about being engaged.” Certainly, the students were engaged, as they asked specific questions on topics ranging anywhere from bioengineering and the future of energy, to the health reform and its implications on american citizens.

Waltz waltzed his way with ease through each difficult question, providing educated answers. Students were impressed with his eloquence in speech and felt that he truly made government a relatable, approachable subject matter. Quinn Rienhard, an OHS student, said, “It was almost like he took politics out of the textbook and made it real.” All in all, this was a win win scenario. Tim Waltz was able to talk with students about politics, an area in which he is passionate, and students were able to gain a better understanding of government. Senior Joe Nelson said, “It was really great to have Waltz able to speak with us.”