Opinion: Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to spread love


Reese Glynn

A heart full of red roses in Mexico representing Valentine’s Day

Reese Glynn, Writer

Valentine’s Day can mean many different things to various people. Although the traditional Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with a significant other, recently, singles have taken it upon themselves to take over the holiday to celebrate with friends. No matter who someone is celebrating Valentine’s Day with, it is a fun opportunity to show affection and appreciation to the people that deserve it.

Looking at Valentine’s Day, most people would usually think of chocolate, roses, or teddy bears. People tend to forget about the reasons behind the gifts. When someone loves one another, it is not just about gifts. It is about people’s feelings towards the person they love. 

Valentine’s Day is a designated day to show those emotions and feelings a little extra. Senior Emily Schmidt said, “Valentine’s Day brings together both couples and those who aren’t in a couple. I like how people can still find a way to get together and celebrate Valentine’s Day.” Whether they are in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day is all about love. 

Those who don’t have a Valentine can still find a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. That is what makes Valentine’s Day so special. Many people think Valentine’s Day is just for couples; however, this is not true. Valentine’s Day is one day out of the year, on Feb 14, when all people get to feel special for being able to give something to someone they love. 

Valentine’s Day makes a big impact on people to remind them that they are loved by someone each year. Some people forget about love and the real meaning behind Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to remind everyone they are loved. People can show their love in ways such as love notes, kind gestures, verbally telling the person that they are loved and showing that someone loves them. Gifts are not the only way people can show their love; couples or friends can have a Valentine with no cost at all. This is why Valentine’s Day is special.

There are other ways, besides gifts, to make Valentine’s Day a good thing. Junior Ava Carroll said, “Business plays a big factor during special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. People are helping others when they don’t even know it.” 

Valentine’s Day is also a good marketing prop for businesses to help benefit a larger audience. Not only does Valentine’s Day benefit couples and those who love one another, it also benefits businesses. Businesses are important, and a lot of people buy gifts to show their love to one another. People are also helping a business that needs that financial help.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that can be celebrated in various ways, no matter if someone is in a relationship or not. People have the ability to celebrate it with their friends or family. This day is all about love and getting to feel special. Valentine’s Day is not a day that couples or friends can just ignore. Even if someone is single, use Valentine’s Day as a chance to spread some love to those that need it. It is a great reminder to never settle for less.