Senior Spotlight: Madison Lykken

April 25, 2014

Madison Lykken, also known as Maddy is a senior at the OHS. I had the chance to sit down with her and ask her a few questions about the things she is involved in and was instantly astounded. The way she carries herself and just talking to her you can tell she is a very intelligent individual. Madison is involved in so many extracurricular activities that it was almost hard to follow. The list includes Concert Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Community Band, Speech and the Apollo magazine before it was cut. When asked how she balances the loads of activities she is in, she said, “Having a passion for something that you really are involved in, really helps. Also putting your first priorities first. I know that it sounds easy and stupid, but if you are really into something then you should put that first and not have anything deteriorate from you reaching towards that.”

Maddy is not the typical student, she is unique and is a student that marches to the beat of her own drum. Her fashion sense is something that obviously catches the eyes of many students here at the OHS. When asked where she gets her fashion sense, she blushed and said, “My mom was really into that stuff and a lot of stuff I actually got from her when she was in high school.” She added, “I don’t know just the stores, and I love watching Project Runway.” She went on to say “I just think that fashion is something that you can really express yourself by and other ways, if people can express themselves by doing like a sport or if they’re not as outgoing, then I think that it really shows that “Oh, I can show my confidence in this sort of way and can make a stance of myself.”” When asked about her favorite activity at the high school, she said, “Probably Concert Band just because Mr. Guenther, our music director is an incredible person and just so passionate about everything he does.” She also said, “Band is pretty cool and really was eye opening because I realized you can do so much with it and the music journey also really helps to stabilize people, too. I think it’s really fun.”

Maddy is also going to South Africa next year as part of Rotary Youth Exchange. Something that she was selected for via an interview process and multiple assessments. She will be spending a full year in South Africa and will be learning their culutre and attending a school or some type of university. Maddyhas contributed a lot here at OHS and will continue to be an involved member in any future career of her choice. She is someone that you do not come around often and is a charismatic and very intelligent senior student here at OHS whom I had the opportunity to meet.

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