Senior Trever Schirmer continues his track career at the University of St. Thomas


Photo submitted by: Trever Schirmer

Senior Trever Schirmer Signs his National Letter of Content to continue his academic and track career at the University of St.Thomas.

Abby Vetsch, Writer

For senior Trever Schirmer, track is a lifelong passion. Schirmer recently committed to continue his academic and track career at the University of St. Thomas. Schirmer has participated in track for six years. He qualified for state his junior year but due to a recent acl injury he was unable to compete at the state tournament. More determined than ever, Schirmer plans to bounce back from last year’s injury and make a run for state his senior year. 

Schirmer was first introduced to throwing in track by Coach Joey Gleason and ever since has fallen in love with sport as well as the team environment. 

“No matter if you get beat or you are beating other people the environment of track is a heartwarming environment,” Schirmer said. “Everyone cheers for one another no matter if you are throwing 20 feet or 50 feet.”

Throughout Schirmer’s athletic career, support has gotten him to where he is today. One of his greatest supporters that has been by his side throughout his entire career is Jerry Eggermont. 

Schirmer said, “Mr.Eggermont is always guiding me on what to do to help me to achieve my goals. Every time I have setbacks he will tell me it will be okay and I just have to believe in God and keep pushing forward.” 

Eggermont has been coaching track in Owatonna for 25 years. Before moving to Owatonna, he was a track coach in North Dakota for five years. Eggermont has gotten the opportunity to coach Schirmer for the past four years. 

“Schirmer has great desire, drive, passion not only in the classroom but also in the weight room, on the field or in the circle,” Eggermont said. “Regarding his strengths, he has great balance and is highly coachable. You have to have tremendous balance in the circle to be a really good thrower and Schirmer has just that.”

After growing a strong and valuable relationship with Schirmer, Eggermont is excited to see what his future holds. Eggermont was able to give Schirmer a piece of advice to carry with him throughout college. 

Eggermont said, “He should live in the moment; soak it in and enjoy each day that he gets to do what he gets to do and not be too eager of what’s to come but to live each day to its fullest.”

Schirmer is beyond grateful for getting to know Eggermont and building a strong relationship through the lord. The recruiting process was stressful at first; however, Schirmer is glad that things were able to fall into place and that he had a great support system. 

“I didn’t want a huge school or a school out in the middle of nowhere so a small school in the cities was perfect for me,” Schirmer said, “Along with loving the campus, I also received a really good scholarship to help decrease the tuition cost so it was like everything was falling into place.”

The St.Thomas Track team consists of 192 athletes and only four of them are throwers. Joining a select group of athletes, Schirmer will not only contribute his athletic ability but also his positive attitude and coachability. 

Schirmer plans to attend the University of St. Thomas in fall of 2023 where he will continue his track career and major in biology on chiropractic route.