2023 OHS Magnet NCAA Bracket Challenge



2023 March Madness updated round of 64 tournament bracket

Jackson DeGrood, Writer

OHS Magnet is hosting a virtual 2023 March Madness Bracket Contest. To participate, you need to either create an account or sign in with CBS Sports. Click the preceding link to enter.

Rules for the 2023 March Madness Bracket Contest:

  • Only OHS students and staff are eligible to participate in the contest
  • Each participant is only to fill one complete bracket 
  • Participation is free for all eligible participants
  • All brackets must be filled out virtually through the CBS Sports 
  • All brackets must be submitted by Thursday, March 16, 11:15 AM CST

2023 March Madness Bracket Contest scoring:

  • The contest will be scored using CBS Sports Standard Bracket Scoring
  • Every correct team picked in the: First Round will earn one point per team, Second round will earn 2 points per team, Sweet 16 will earn 4 points per team, Elite 8 will earn 8 points per team, Final Four will earn 4 points per team, and the Championship will earn 32 points per team
  • An incorrect pick will result in 0 points
  • If a tie occurs, it will be broken by guessing the score of the Championship game. The closest score would then be the winner via tie-breaker
  • Top scoring brackets will be announced after each round via Instagram (@ohsmagnet).
  • Standings and scoring will be updated live on the CBS Sports website
  • The three brackets that score the most points will win a t-shirt, donated by Court Sports, that gives the wearer bragging rights.

This contest will run March 16-  April 3.