Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo departure


Studio: ABC Press Release Image

ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” official promotional picture. After 19 seasons on the show, star Ellen Pompeo steps down from her role.

Ava Kleeberger, Writer

Hit TV series “Grey’s Anatomy” has been running for a total of 19 seasons, seeing new and old faces in every new season. The nineteenth season, which aired on Oct. 6, 2022, marked the end of lead character Meredith Grey’s stay on the show. 

Ellen Pompeo, the actress who plays Grey, made the choice to leave after signing with Hulu to create a new limited series. Grey’s goodbye episode, titled “I’ll Follow The Sun,” features a joyful goodbye to her fellow doctors as she decides to make the move to Boston to continue her research on Alzheimer’s disease. Pompeo’s final appearance in the series will be the season finale, airing on May 26. 

Although Pompeo’s time on the show has ended, her legacy will continue to live on. Even after years on air, “Grey’s Anatomy” is one of the most highly rated shows on TV and garners millions of viewers per season. 

Junior Jaedynn Tjon said, “My favorite part of the show is how it is always changing.” 

Over the 19 seasons, the series has seen several new characters introduced as well as many saying goodbye. Pompeo’s exit, though shocking to some, seems to be the natural progression of the show as it and its actors grow.  Additionally, it was announced that Kelly McCreary, who plays Maggie Pierce, will also be leaving the show in a similar fashion

Despite how common these exits are for the series, many fans are still upset about Pompeo’s departure. Being the heart of the show, it came as a shock to some fans that she would choose to leave the show before it came to its final season. 

Junior Aubri Werk said, “She’s, you know, Meredith Grey. She is a legacy of the show, and I don’t see how they can do it without her.”

Although Pompeo is leaving, the show will continue to air in her absence. It has also been stated that she will still appear as the iconic voice over of the show, make features along the way, and continue to work as an executive producer for the show even after her official exit. Pompeo’s legacy and the impact of her character Meredith Grey will continue to shine, even after her final appearance in the season finale.