Moving on: parking at the new OHS

What students are looking forward to in the new high school


Lauren Waypa

The current Owatonna High School senior lot costs $60 a year.

Lauren Waypa, Writer

Next year at the new Owatonna High School, the parking lots are going to look quite different than the parking lot at the current school. Next year there will be 726 spots available in the new parking lot compared to 360 spots in the current parking lots. There will be a second parking lot that can be used after school hours with 99 spots available. This overflow parking lot will also be used as the bus lane during school hours.

Teachers and visitors will have a section in the front of the big parking lot while students will have a section behind it- similar to the parking lot now. The student parking lot will be the biggest section as it will go all the way to the entrance of 18th Street.

Students will not have to pay for parking because of the new “first come, first serve” approach. 

Principal Kory Kath said, “There are no assigned parking spots so students will arrive at school and take the parking spot that best suits them.” 

There are mixed feelings about this new implementation of parking. 

Junior Caleb Dibble said, “I like that it is free, but I think that you should be able to buy the close ones but the farther away ones should be first come, first serve.” Dibble, along with other students, believes that there should be a designated spot for seniors.

Many students are excited about how the new parking lot will run. 

Junior Anah Packard said, “I think it is great how parking will be free next year. I do not have a spot this year and I think that it will be nice to have a closer spot to the school. I think that there should be a spot marked off for seniors eventually.” 

OHS is able to offer free parking next year as they do not have any current maintenance needs due to the funding being included in the bond for the school. The choice was easy as they want all students to have access to parking. 

Principal Kath said, “Our hope is that all students will find access better and they will all be close to the school.”

Overall, the new parking lot will make it easier for students to make it to class on time as well as make the parking space accessible to everyone.