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Open letter to the Class of 2014

April 30, 2014

Dear Seniors,

As your time comes to an end here at the OHS, a certain epidemic begins to arise… Senior-itis. The epidemic of the senior slide, or any of the various ways to describe the act of just getting by in our senior year, runs more rampant as graduation draws near. “Sliding” through senior year isn’t always the best answer. Many of us often say, “I’ve already been accepted into college, so what’s the big deal if I slack off and take easy classes?” Others may say, “I deserve an easy senior year, I worked my butt off three entire years for this.” Our senior year can either prepare us for college, or set us up for a rude awakening. Take advantage of the opportunities we have in high school. As seniors, younger students look up to us. We model how seniors look and act. Show them how to mature into a college student.

Yes, a lot of us are ready to move on to college and never look back, but this does only happen once. With the negatives of high school come many positives, as well. We did many things that others before us have never done before. Being a part of the class of 2014 is truly something to be proud of. The friends, the memories, the silly inside jokes, and everything else coming along with high school will all live with us forever.

It may be hard to believe, but there are only 39 days left until commencement and 23 days of school left. Yes. You heard that correctly, twenty-three days left at the OHS. With only about a month left, put forth great effort in each and every one of the classes you are in. So rid yourself of this disease of senior-itis and finish your high school career strong. Make the journey to graduation a fun and memorable one. Everyone’s paths may differ after high school, but with so little time left here, the class of 2014 must come together and make the last month of our high school experience the best one yet.



A Fellow Senior

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