Ms. Sager closes her book at OHS


Crystal Garza

Ms. Sager smiles and keeps up her optimism for the rest of her teaching career

Crystal Garza, Writer

Although Ms. Sager has been working at OHS for many years now. She started off her career as a middle school social studies teacher for four years and then was a long-term sub for OHS principal Mr. Kath. She eventually transitioned to becoming a permanent teacher in the OHS social studies department and has been teaching for a total of 15 years. As a teacher, she has helped and inspired students in and out of the classroom. While the school year comes to an end, Ms. Sager will be retiring from her full-time job. Retirement can be a big milestone in someone’s life as it opens up time to relax, enjoy hobbies and spend time with loved ones. 

As this bittersweet moment comes up, it is a time for students to share their favorite moments with her, and for Ms. Sager to share her experience. 

A former student of Ms. Sager, junior Becca Nielsen said, “She has always been so understanding and helpful when it comes to homework and is still always someone I can count on, it’ll be sad not to see her around the school next year.” 

Throughout her years of teaching Ms. Sager has made herself known for her kindness, patience and her ability to make the most difficult subjects that come with a history class interesting and non-conflicting for other students. 

Ms. Sager shared that she is looking forward to traveling, like visiting her family in California and taking a cruise to Belize. Despite her not having many hobbies now, she knows she will have fun finding them. With her full-time career coming to an end, she recognizes that someone else is just starting. 

A new career can be both exciting and overwhelming, Ms. Sager shared a couple of things to keep in mind for any future teachers.

She said, “Don’t take anything too seriously and laugh at the students’ craziness because it’s a lot better than getting mad.” She has enjoyed her time at the current OHS and is planning to stay in the loop by subbing for class in the new building. 

She was the voice of reason when others, usually me, would fly off the handle. I will miss having a California girl next door; a Minnesota hippie through and through.

— Todd Andrix

The students aren’t the only people who will be missing Ms. Sager in the building. Social Studies teacher Todd Andrix said, “Mrs. Sager is genuine. She has been the mother of the department. She guided us through the realignment of courses so kids transferring within the Big 9 would have an easier time. She was the voice of reason when others, usually me, would fly off the handle. I will miss having a California girl next door; a Minnesota hippie through and through.” Ms. Sager is very appreciative of the students and staff at OHS. A favorite memory of hers consists of all the times that she spent inside the building and not teaching through a screen. 

She hopes students and staff get excited about her coming into the new school and subbing in their class at times. But she also said she will get a giggle out of the students who will eventually know nothing about her. 

Editorial Note: This article was published in the Graduation Print Edition.