Girls Softball is heating up



Kendra Bogen steps into the box to face Winona.

Paiton Glynn

The OHS softball team is in the midst of one of its best seasons in decades. Although they are only ranked fourth in the Big 9 conference, they feel these standings don’t accurately represent the success they have accomplished this season. In the four games that the Huskies fell to a loss, they refused to go down without a fight. 

With an overall record of 11-4, the Huskies have had a lot of overall success so far this season. One thing that keeps them going is their strong work ethic and determination to get better everyday. 

Assistant coach Rachel Malo said, “The girls are really good at learning from their mistakes and not letting a loss affect other games or practices.” Having the ability to move on from a loss and use it as an opportunity to grow has helped the Huskies reach their season goals. 

The softball team can credit a majority of their success to the close relationships formed throughout the team. 

Pitcher Kennedy Hodgman said, “When the team atmosphere is good, the scoreboard reflects it. When the team is as close as we are, it makes it a lot easier to win.”

With mostly returning players, the team has been able to carry over their relationships from years past into this season. Although the girls care for their teammates as sisters, they still face struggles on and off the field. 

Hodgman said, “We have become really close as a team spending a lot of time together even outside of a softball setting. This makes it easier to get through the good and bad points of the season.”

With the short season coming to a quick end, the girls begin to prepare for their section tournament run. With three games remaining in their regular season, the Huskies feel prepared for the tough competition to come next week. Based on their performance so far this season, it is evident that the Huskies plan to be a force in this year’s section tournament. 

The Huskies next game is Wednesday, May 17 at the Albert Lea Hammer Sports Complex starting at 5pm.