OHS Girls Track and Field sprinting into the season


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Owatonna Girls Track sprinters race to the finish line during the last meet at OHS.

Raeghen Murry, Writer

Owatonna Girls Track and Field are running into a great season this Spring. The Huskies Varsity Track and Field team has had 10 meets so far this season, and the junior varsity has had five meets. 

On Tuesday, May 9, OHS Girls Track and Field traveled to Lakeville South High School to compete at the True Team Sections competition. The girls ended up placing  fifth overall with many season-best times and strong performances. 

The last home track and field meet hosted at the old Owatonna High School was on Thursday, May 11. The old high school went out with a bang, with Owatonna having many stand-out performances and the Huskies ultimately winning the triangular against Mankato East and Austin. This was the last track meet ever being at this school let alone the track.

Sophomore Jozie Johnson broke the high school record for triple jump with a 35’ 7.75”. Johnson said,

“It was my first time ever doing triple jump. I’m gonna hopefully do it the rest of this year and then hopefully the rest of my high school career.” 

— Jozie Johnson

At the last home meet the Huskies placed first in many of the events. In the 100-meter dash Huskies swept the top four places, Johnson won with a time of 13.07, with Lauren Waypa, Halle Theis and Laken Meier following right behind. In the 800 meter dash, junior Carsyn Brady won the event with a time of 2:20.80. In the 200 meter dash Waypa placed first while freshman Amelia Baldwin came in third. In the 3200 meter dash, freshman and sophomore duo Kendra Melby and Isabella Schultz placed first and second. 

4×8 – 2. Carsyn Brady, Anna Cox, Clara Meier and Kiara Gents. 

100 hurdles – 3. Mckenna DuFrene, 4. Maya Badger, 5. Kennedy Schammel. 

100 – 1. Jozie Johnson 13.07 2. Lauren Waypa 3. Halle Theis 4. Laken Meier 6. Addison Ahrens 7. Kendra Miller

4×2 – 1. Kendra Miller, Kelli Waypa, Amelia Baldwin, Laken Meier.

1600 – 2. Ava Cox, 4. Lucy Jacobs, 5. Ellie Meiners, 6. Afton Torabpour, Sophia Cook. 

4×1 – 1. Lauren Waypa, Addison Ahrens, Halle Theis, Jozie Johnson.

400 – 2. Naomine Delarosa, 3. Addi Langlois, 4. Macy Stanton, 5. Maryn Pool. 

300 hurdles – 2. Mckenna DuFrene, 3. Maya Badger, 8. Brooke Miles. 

800 – 1. Carsyn Brady 2:20.80 5. Clara Meier, 6. Harmony Piepho. 

200 – 1. Lauren Waypa 3. Amelia Baldwin, 6. Maya Badger. 

3200 – 1. Kendra Melby (CC state qualifier) 12:37.91 2. Isabella Schultz.

4×4 – 2. Carsyn Brady, Samantha Hartman, Kiara Gentz, Naomine Delarosa.

Shot – 2. Kaitlyn Wasieleski 3. Kyleah Miller.

Discus – 2. Nyalual Chan, 4. Jennifer Jones. 5. Amanda Clubb. 

High jump – 2.Lauren bangs, 4. Mckenna DuFrene, 6. Samantha Hartman. 

Long jump – 1. Julia Gleason (PR) 15’5.00” 2. Halle Theis 3. Laken Meier. 

With the season off to a good start, Coach Debby Gleason is proud of the team and excited for what is to come going into sections. Coach Debby Gleason said, “I think we’re doing really well. We’re finishing strong. We’ve got lots of talent on the team and depth and all the events, which is really nice to see that we’ve got great pole vaulters and throwers, and jumpers and sprinters and our distance crews doing amazing.” 

Getting close to the end of the season Gleason is very proud of the team finishing the season strong. Gleason also said, “I think we’re going to do really well. The last couple of minutes we found some new hidden talents. And some kids that we didn’t know we had, which is going to help bring us some depths and some other events. So you know, everyone hopes to make it to state so that’s kind of our hope season. bring as many kids as we can to state this year.” Getting closer to the end of the season the Girls Track and Field team is finishing stronger than ever. It will be exciting to see how the girls do in sections and state.  

The next Owatonna girls meet is Thursday, May 18 in Red Wing vs. Red Wing and Northfield.