Ms. Pittmann retires after 30 years of teaching


Angel Barajas

Ms. Pittmann smiling ahead to her retirement.

Angel Barajas, Writer

Ms. Connie Pittmann is ending her teaching career after 30 years. Ms. Pittman spent eight years teaching at Waterville-Elysian-Morristown and Faribault before coming to OHS for her next 22 years. Ms. Pittmann has taught the family and consumer science area for the past 22 years, where she has most recently taught interior design, fashion, merchandising and design, youth service leadership and foods. Ms. Pittmann received both her undergrad and masters degree through Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Ms. Pittmann enjoys teaching students real life experiences, preparing them for their futures but also just working with them to build strong bases. She has many things she enjoys doing at the OHS to support both her students and staff.

Ms. Pittmann said, “I just really enjoy teaching students you know real life experiences and preparing them for their futures. I know with the design classes being creative and new service leadership classes, soft skills and leadership skills, build them up and prepare them for their futures.”

Ms. Pittmann has accomplished some very valuable things like teaching 30 years, but her most valuable accomplishment is to teach students what to expect. Ms. Pittmann loves teaching at OHS and creating a big impact on both the students and staff. 

Sophomore Anna Knoll said, “I was in her youth leadership class and she is very courageous and motivated to get us ready for the future.” Ms. Pittmann has a very important role in the students’ lives at OHS by getting them motivated to succeed in life.

While Ms. Pittmann is looking forward to retirement, her students and staff are very appreciative for all the years she has taught and worked hard to teach them life lessons. Mrs. Pittmann is great at building relationships with students. She works hard to learn about her students and staff individually

Ms. Wilson said, “One of my favorite things about Mrs. Pittmann is her positive demeanor. She always has a smile on her face that would brighten anyone’s day.“

Ms. Pittmann has a few plans she is looking forward to which include spending more time with her grandchildren, doing a little bit more traveling and just having more time to relax. Her valuable teaching lessons will be missed by the students and staff at OHS.

Editorial Note: This article was published in the Graduation Print Edition