Boys lacrosse on winning streak


Ethan Pfieffer reaches out to steal the ball from his opponant

The season has been long for the Boys Lacrosse team. Due to weather, most of their home games have been cancelled, leaving them to practice for what seems to be forever. They have only played three home games. Their current record stands at 5-0-1. Senior Captain Michael Schmitz said, “We’re doing a lot better than in years past. 5-1 is a pretty good record so far.” There have been many teams across the state that have had cancellations due to poor weather. The boys lacrosse team has slowly been making up their games, playing 2-3 a week. Sections is coming up and they are prepared for the trials to come. Schmitz said, “This year we could go to the final round and make it to state.” Overall, the boys lacrosse team has a steady pace set for success. Next home game is May 21st.