Lasso a good time at After Prom

With prom just around the corner at the Owatonna High School, many juniors and seniors are getting anxious for this day to finally be here. At OHS, prom does not start until 7 p.m. when Grand March kicks off at the Four Seasons Center. After Grand March is over, parents and non prom attendees leave, while the students have until midnight to dance the night away.

While some kids may not choose this option, OHS holds an After Prom at the Junior High. Each year there is a theme for After Prom. This year is a western theme. At After Prom, you can play many different games and activities. At the end of the night, all of the students have chances to win different prizes. This goes from directly after the dance until 5 a.m. If you do not choose the option of going to After Prom, and decide to partake in other events that more often than not take place, remember there are always other options instead of driving yourself, if you are not capable of it. OHS Principal Mr. Mark Randall said, “Our advice for our students is to make sure they are making good choices. The decisions they make now could have an impact on their lives forever which means questionable behavior could impact graduation, college and the bright future ahead for all of our students. Have fun, but be responsible!”