Madeleine Haberman


Madeleine Kay Haberman  is an avid reader of all literary things and a someday skydiver. While she may be a Magnet rookie, she has always had an appreciation for newspapers (even if they aren’t entirely eco friendly). It would also be safe to assume that Haberman is a part of pretty much every activity that the OHS has to offer. Her many loves include travelling, knitting, writing, the movie “Mulan”, baking, reading and her cat, Winfield. Standing at an impressive five foot one inch, Haberman can sometimes be easy to miss in a particularly tall crowd. Although perceived as short, cute, and sweet–almost like a clementine–she has a serious persuasive and argumentative side. Her travel dreams include, but are definitely not limited to, travelling across Europe via train. She is currently undecided about the future (at least the college part of it), but a lot can happen in a year.Madeleine Haberman