SHOC hosts Red Ribbon Week

SHOC, or Students Helping Others Choose, has been at OHS for 20 years and has about 70 members. They host fun activities to help encourage the community and kids to live a healthy lifestyle without self-harm. Senior SHOC officer Michala White SHOC officers, said, “We do fifth grade prevention visits in the spring to teach them, not only to not to use drugs, but also about peer pressure and building friendships.” Michala White added that SHOC wants the kids to be themselves. SHOC also organizes on Teen Nights at the Junior High in order to be a positive influence as Junior Jessica Sawyer said. Advisor of SHOC and chemical health specialist, Sandra Ogle said, “Our presence reduces drug use at those events.” SHOC also teaches about distracted driving to reduce the risk of teenagers and adults getting in an accident. Not only do they hold these activities, they help also put on Red Ribbon Week.

Red Ribbon Week is the biggest event SHOC does. SHOC partners with the Steele County Coalition in support of Red Ribbon Week. This is the twenty-sixth year Red Ribbon Week has been nationally recognized. Red Ribbon Week celebrates the schools and the community for living a healthy and drug free life. The Drug Enforcement Administration estimates that over 80 million people will celebrate this event. Ms. Ogle said, “SHOC is like a role model that is not really popular, but represents great causes, including the upcoming Red Ribbon Week.” The theme this year is “Love yourself…be drug free.”

SHOC will hold a kickoff on Monday, Oct. 27, at Morehouse Park. They will announce the fourth grade poster winners and have games and food available. On Friday, Oct. 31, there will be a pizza party to honor the poster winners. Come to Morehouse to kick off Red Ribbon Week.