Taking on TMM

Tuesday Morning Meetings look different this year than they have in the past. Previously they have been 20 minutes long. This year, however, TMM has been extended to 30 minutes. Principal Mark Randall said, “New state legislation states that we must provide a comprehensive four year plan for students. While we have always done this, we have greatly enhanced the resources available to students in order to develop and monitor a four year plan while at the OHS. This has been done using the MCIS (Minnesota Career Information System) web site. Administration felt the additional time will provide ability to get to the computer lab, log in and complete the necessary information.” The extra time and new resources can be used to help students figure out their future. While students may not see the need, administration has the students’ best interests in mind.

The extended time allows for advisors to talk to their students about career opportunities and decisions regarding their future. Many students do not have access to these resources and TMM allows these students to receive information about colleges, financial resources and career choices. The extended TMM also allows the advisors to develop relationships with their advisees. “I think TMM is a good way to know kids consistently throughout their four years here in high school,” said Mrs. Lauren Gendron. This helps the advisors guide their students down the right path that fits their personal type. Connecting with students who are academically at risk is priority for TMM in order to help students to stay at OHS and be successful.

Many class meetings and presentations have been given during this time and the 30 minutes allows those things to be discussed further. In the past, the consequences of texting and or drinking while driving have been discussed. However, the 20 minute TMM did not allot enough time for complete presentations. This year, state legislation has brought the issue of cyber bullying to light, requiring high schools to discuss the issue, its impacts and its consequences.  Owatonna High School is discussing this in TMM and thanks to the longer time, the topic can be delved into extensively. Administration hopes the longer time and through presentations will allow high school students to make better decisions.
Many reasons have contributed to longer Tuesday Morning Meetings, among them state legislation. The administration at OHS wants the TMM time to be valuable and worthwhile, providing information meant to enable students to live better lives. The longer period of time is meant to give students the resources and information they need as they grow older and move into the real world.