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April 29, 2015
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March 17, 2015

Fall is more than just a season It is a style. During this season, everybody stocks up on rich colors and fabrics. From cozy sweaters to spunky boots, every style contributes to the fun fashion during the fall.

Colton Heilman

The opportunity arises for girls to show off their sense of fashion through various types of clothing. Two common trends appearing this season are leggings and flannels combined together or complimenting another item of clothing. To compliment leggings, there are many types of button-ups like plaid and denim. Sweaters also make an appearance, either long, loose or baggy. Leggings, however, are not the only choice the girls have. Mrs. Connie Pittmann said, “Of course, jeans are always in style!” There are many types of jeans such as classic skinny, bootcut and the introduction of boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans have the same look as traditional male jeans, but with a female twist. The fall color scheme for girls usually focused on the darker colors such as: navy blue, grey, black, emerald and burgundy.

The last piece to complete the fall outfit is footwear, the component that ties the whole outfit together. A popular footwear on the rise is combat boots, a twist to the usual UGGs seen the last few years. UGGs will surely take a stand with winter on the way. Pittmann said, “I think UGGs are here to stay in the next few years! I didn’t think it would last this long.” Boots might not be the most comfortable footwear, that is when shoes such as Vans kick in. Vans are not a new brand, but in recent years, have become a top contender in the shoe industry. Intended for skating and aimed at youth, Vans are now targeted at teens, who have accepted these shoes into their wardrobes.

Boys, on the other hand, keep it simple- jeans and a t-shirt. Khaki and Chino pants are seen much more alongside long sleeve button-ups. Button-ups are similar to the gals, featuring flannels and plaids. On chilly days, the classic hoodie comes out. Although beanies are not allowed during school hours, boys still rock them before and after school. Crew neck sweaters are also a popular choice among guys. Footwear ranges from athletic shoes to Vans, mentioned earlier. Color schemes include blue, brown, red, and black.

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As we transition into winter, these fall trends tend to stick around, but with added layers. Teens usually purchase their clothes at nearby retail stores like Target, Kohls and the Medford Outlet Mall. The Outlet provides many different stores for both genders ranging in many different fashion styles. There, one could shop at PacSun, Gap, Nike Clearance Store, Rue21 and Old Navy. Whether enjoying the simplicity of fashion, or daring to make a statement, fall is a great season to vent one’s style.

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