Know thy enemy

#CashDrive rivalry between OHS and Faribault High School

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This year, the Owatonna High School challenged Faribault High School to see which school could raise the most money for the charity. Faribault is donating the money they raise to Toys for Tots. Student council advisor, Ms. Holly Kittleson, said, “One thing we’ve learned is that our kids aren’t quite prepared for fundraising because we usually do a whole bunch in December. It caught them all off guard.” This friendly competition is unique because both schools are coming together to raise money for different charities. This gives students the opportunity to take charge of the ideas they do to raise money in a fun manner. So far, Faribault has raised $321.68.

One of Faribault’s events is hat week, which gives students the opportunity to pay a dollar and wear their hat all week. They use wristbands to tell which students have paid in order to wear their hat and which ones have not. Another event they have allowed junior students to have open lunch all week if they pay fifteen dollars. Seniors already have open lunch all year long. They are also hosting a volleyball tournament which will be held on Sunday. They have also brought to the high school a game called “Paranoia”. This game includes paying a dollar to put their name in a bin. Once the name is in the bin, students get a different card with someone else’s name. If the student tags that person, they can take all their cards. The goal of this game is to end up with the most cards. Essentially, it is a mammoth game of tag. There is one other event happening, a sing-a-gram. Students pay three dollars for a duet or quartet and five dollars for a solo. Students will sing carols to the friend that you send the sing-a-gram to. Both schools are committed to their respective charities, so all in all, everyone is winner!