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Vandalism leads to inconvenience

December 5, 2014

A recent case in vandalism of the downstairs boys’ bathroom has led to it being closed. The school policy states that any student who vandalizes school properly majorly will be responsible to pay for the damages, and the school may even press charges if it is severe enough. Principal Mark Randall said, “The process is long and takes time to figure out who is doing the vandalizing.” The officers shut down the bathroom to investigate the surveillance cameras, increase security and talk to witnesses in order to find the culprit(s). Randall said, “The hardest thing about dealing with vandalism is things get damaged, and it costs money to replace whatever got vandalized.”

There have been many other instances in the school of vandalism before the incident in the boys’ bathroom. The northern wall outside the wrestling room is a frequently targeted area. Many boys are upset about the downstairs bathroom, and Randall says he does not know when the bathroom will reopen, but he hopes it will be soon. In his opinion, “The kids that vandalizes the school are immature and need to learn to be responsible.” The vandalism has brought serious conversation about respect for the building, as well as inconveniencing the students and staff.



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