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Math addicts

January 14, 2015

The Owatonna High School Mathematics League has finished their third meet and is placing fourth in Big 9.

OHS Math Team advised by Mr. Benson
OHS Math Team advised by Mr. Benson

Sophomore, Tommy Pfeifer, scored the most points for the team in this past meet. Math teacher Mr. Steve Benson said, “We have been fourth place every single meet and we’re stuck in a rut. Some of our members are graduating this year and we’re looking for new recruits.” Meet 4 is scheduled for Jan. 26 and is located at Rochester John Marshall. This year there are ten students competing for the Owatonna team. Each member of the team is assigned two of four different contests, or events. Each of the events, A, B, C and D, tests the members knowledge of a different mathematical subject. An example of a question that one might find is, “List all possible values of xy, if x and y are integers such that xy = x + y + 1.” Also, keep in mind there are roughly four minutes for each question. An event is worth seven points, and each student participates in two events during each meet. If students have any questions about joining OHS Math League, they should contact Mr. Benson in room G-307.

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