NHS preps for end of the year

National Honor Society is a group of 63 honor students of the senior class. The group has monthly meetings, where they check in with each other, plan and organize upcoming events. Mike Stormo is the group advisor. Their main event is the NHS Talent Show on March 14. Stormo said, “All the money raised from the talent show, we donate to a community group and that group is still undecided and around 300 dollars in prize money to the winners.” Jacob Hellevik is the president of this group. Hellevik coordinates the meetings and organization of events. After the talent show, the main focus is on recruiting juniors for next year. The requirements for juniors to join are a 3.5 GPA, community service, leadership, and moral character. You will receive a letter in the mail soon if you qualify to apply for NHS. Advice for upcoming seniors, Hellevik said, “Juniors should sign up, but make sure to take your time and fluff yourself up on the application.” Teachers will give out recommendations for juniors  hoping to join in the spring.