A swimming season for the boys


Aaron Evans swimming in 100 yard free style vs. Faribault.

Richard Hodges , Writer

The Owatonna boys swimming and diving team is  having a great season so far. After a few tough losses to Rochester Century, Mankato East and Northfield, the boys hope to power through the remainder of the season. The team is strong and motivated and they are pushing towards sections full force. Of the whole team, one-third are seniors. Since the number of seniors is so high, they all share a very strong sense of unity. In regard to the difficulty of practice Micah BigEagle said, “Our practices have been rather difficult, it’s the middle of the season so we’re reaching the highest yards per day as well as the highest intensity.” Overall the boys swimming and driving have made great strides toward becoming a closer knit family, they cannot wait to see where the season will take them.