Registering for the 2015-2016 School Year

The time for registering for next year’s classes is just around the corner. On Feb. 15 in TMM, students received a letter from their advisor to schedule individual appointments, and they were given more information about registering for the 2015-2016 school year.

Assistant Principal Jeff Miller said, “Students are required to go to a conference with their TMM advisor, it is mandatory. If for some reason they are unable to attend, they can register at home, or they can go to a makeup session scheduled on Mar. 6.”  It is advised to work with a teacher to ensure that the right decisions are being made when signing up for classes. Students can find out what classes they should be taking through current teaching staff, their counselor, or different colleges.  They should also keep in mind what they would like to do in college and think about what they would like to pursue as a career.  If a student is registering for Options as a class, they should keep in mind what they would like to do.  Once they are in Options they have the freedom to decide what they would like to do in order to obtain credit.  If a student is enrolling in PSEO, they can sign up for as little or as many classes as they wish, but they must meet the required eight credits per year. Students will receive registration guides, the following week on Feb. 24.

Assistant Principal Jeff Miller said, “Registration this year is not very different from last year. One of the changes made was giving out registration guides a week in advance so students can think through what they want to sign up for.”  Registering for classes can be a very stressful time for some.  To reduce stress, students should be sure to know their portal username and password, and have in mind what they want to sign up for.  The window for registration opens Mar. 3 and closes on Mar. 8.

All students will have to register. Students cannot avoid registration. If you miss the registration window, a student will be assigned courses by a counselor and will not have any say in the matter.