Back of the Classroom: Classic Rock


Weekend Playlist for you from Magnet

A music genre that does not get enough recognition is classic rock. In no particular order, here is a Magnet’s-favorite-classic-rock playlist.

-Come and get Your Love– Redbone

Just listen and enjoy. It reached number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in April 1974.

-Hooked on a Feeling– Blue Swede

Featured in the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

-Should I Stay or Should I Go– The Clash

This song definitely gets your head bobbin’! It’s impossible to skip it.

-(Don’t Fear) The Reaper– Blue Oyster Cult

Has a really deep meaning of everlasting love and inescapable death.

-Satisfaction– Rolling Stones

This is a very well-known song speaking to everyone in a different way.

-Don’t Stop Me Now– Queen

Queen was known for recording multiple audio clips and combining them into one track, and this song demonstrates it.

-Welcome to the Jungle– Guns n’ Roses

VH1 called it the greatest hard rock song of all time in 2009.

-Don’t Stop Believin’– Journey

Even if you don’t consider yourself a classical rock fan, nine times out of ten, you have heard this song.

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