The future Picassos


Artwork of sophomore Breanna Mees

This year, the annual March 2015 District Student Art show will take place at the Owatonna Art Center. The Art Center will display ISD 761 student artwork from Sunday, March 1, and runs through Sunday, March 29. The Art Center is closed on Mondays. Art teachers from every school in the ISD 761 District have chosen artwork from 71 students grades K-12 to showcase their artwork for the community to see. Generally, the art teachers try to pick and save artwork throughout the year. Then, in February, a collaborative group of art teachers go through the collected pieces and pick a few to display. There is usually one piece of artwork per student due to space purposes, meaning the numbers of student artwork may vary.

Artwork of Junior Lauren Johnson
Artwork of Junior Lauren Johnson

Junior Lauren Johnson, whose artwork was chosen, said, I was surprised when I found out my artwork was chosen. My art work doesn’t symbolize anything. It was actually supposed to be something different.” Even if a student’s artwork did not turn out the way they would want it to, the mistake can be beneficial. They are encouraged to work with the mistakes rather than giving up. There are things the art teachers look for when they begin the selection process. Art teacher Scott Seykora said, “Well, we look at things that are unique. We look at artwork that has high detail and quality within the artwork. And just things that show a creative atmosphere. We also look at artwork that represents the person and has meaning to it as well. Basically, anything that stands out.”

The students whose artwork will be showcased received a letter in the mail informing them their artwork will be displayed at the Owatonna Art Center. Sophomore Breanna Mees said, “I think it is a cool opportunity, but I wished they had asked me first before they just decided to showcase it.” The art show is a great way for students to be recognized for all their hard work. There is a message behind the art show the art teachers hope the students will understand. Mr. Seykora said, “I think the big part is that it helps students realize that their work does not go unnoticed. A lot of times, you can see instant gratification. Like if you are in athletics or when you are in music you put on concerts. This is an awesome avenue for art students in Owatonna.” Head down to the Owatonna Art Center and help support the  Owatonna art students. The Art Center on 435 Garden View Lane is open all day and it is free to view all and any of the artworks showcased there.