Blast from the past

Not going anywhere over break? As all of your friends abandon you for warmer climates, you are presented with the opportunity to create your own retreat–with a throwback movie night! Between the pressures of college and scholarship applications, work, family and sports, it can be fun to take a break and relive your childhood through these family friendly films. These Disney channel original movies from the late 90’s and early 2000’s are a blast from the past for teens.

-The Lizzie McGuire Movie

In this movie, Lizzie McGuire is celebrating her graduation with a trip to Rome, Italy with all of her classmates.

-Cadet Kelly

Kelly faces many changes in her life with her new stepfather and having to go to military school.

-Smart House

In this movie, a teenager wins a smart house in a competition.  Everything seems perfect until the house starts to take over his and his family’s life.

Smart house

-The Even Stevens Movie

The Stevens think they have won it all with an all inclusive vacation until all things fall apart.

-Zenon Series

A teen girl with the perfect life in space until all goes wrong and she is sent to earth.

-Stuck in the Suburbs

A teen living in the suburbs, Brittany’s life turns around once her phone is switched with the phone of a famous teen pop singer.

stuck in the suburbs

-The Thirteenth Year

What better way to spend your 13th year of life than finding out you’re adopted, growing fins and discovering your birth mother is a mermaid?


-Luck of the Irish

A popular teen must battle an evil leprechaun to keep his family and his life intact.