Preserving tradition


Colton Heilman

Kayla Kniefel, Krista Kniefel and Allie Mayer editing the yearbook

Yearbook works to bring our memories of the school year into one book and it happens with a strong staff to go out to get quotes for us to remember later on in life. In June, the yearbook process begins when Mr. Leer, the advisor, takes the editors to a yearbook camp to map out the whole book, the theme and the designs.

There are deadlines throughout the year, first in late October with the fall sports, and it keeps going with each event during the year, and then sending it to get put together. Leer said,  “We try to get a non-participant to go to sports and events to get a non-bias perspective.” The editors and Leer get together to figure out who is doing what pages. “Yearbook is an opportunity to make something from scratch, and it is really fun,” senior Holly Piper said. The editors and him try to equally assign them out at the beginning of the year.

Yearbook has been working hard this year to make the memories of 2014-2015 at the Owatonna High School memorable. The staff is strong this year, and they have made time to go the extra mile to make an above average book. “I am looking forward to having them in the kids hands at the end of the year,” said Leer . The staff’s hard work has been paying off, and they are almost done with the yearbook. The graduates will be getting the inserts mailed to them. Be sure to purchase yearbook to remember this year! Don’t forget to pick it up the week before school gets out.